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Carpenter Keen LLP
Fourth Floor
18-20 Hill Rise
Surrey TW10 6UA

Tel: 020 8940 5840
Fax: 020 8940 5408

Direct lines:
Stuart Carpenter: 020 8948 8520
Fraser Keen: 020 8948 5840

Self-Assessment Deadlines
Tax returns for 2017/18 are due by 31 January 2019, together with the balancing payment for 2017/18 and the first payment on account for 2018/19. 
RTI - PAYE in real time
HMRC has introduced a new way of reporting PAYE - called Real Time Information, or RTI - which has been mandatory since April 2013.
Pension auto-enrolment
Arrangements are being introduced for all employers to contribute to pension schemes for employees.
Telephone: 020 8940 5840 Fax: 020 8940 5408
Carpenter Keen LLP is registered in England as a limited liability partnership No OC318329.
A full list of members is available at our registered office, shown on the Contact page.
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